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Summer Evening Menu






Let’s begin…




Homemade soup – served with a baked roll, please ask for this evenings dish £5


Crispy brie wedges – deep fried in a light batter with a dollop of s mangos £7


Farmhouse Pate – smooth farmhouse livers, with a local chutney and wholemeal toast £6.50


Breaded Whitebait – deep fried, crispy and golden, with a tartare sauce dip £7 (gfa)


Garlic King prawns – pan flashed with chorizo in a herby butter with a splash of fresh lime £7


Prosciutto bruschetta – with peppery rocket and local fruit chutney £6.50


Cornish brie – baked gooey with a dollop of warm stewed cranberries. Served with dippy toast £6.50




And for main course…




Prime 10oz Steak – cooked to your liking, served with chips, garlic fried mushrooms and onion rings - please ask for tonight’s cut (gfa) £21


Butchers best Gammon – 10oz steak with chips, steamed garden peas, fresh pineapple and a local free range-egg £13 (gf)


100% welsh beef burger – in a floury bap with crispy smoked bacon and onion rings, served with a side of chips and creamy slaw £13.50


Homemade Pie – shortcrust pastry, served with chips, rich gravy and garden peas £13


Cwrw Gwenyn battered Fish Goujons – fresh haddock with chips, a side of mushy peas and tartare £12


Mild chicken curry – creamy tikka masala sauce, basmati rice tower, warm coriander naan and mango chutney £13


Chicken burger – freshly cooked fillet in a bun with crispy smoked bacon, bbq sauce and grilled welsh cheddar, with a side of chips £13 (gfa)


Bee’s own Lasagne – 100% beef mince, served with chips and creamy coleslaw £12


Grilled fresh fish – fresh market catch in a simple garlic and lemon butter, with steamed new potatoes and a freshly dressed salad £15 (gf)


Whitby scampi – breaded tails served with chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce £14


Sweet potato bake – with roasted beetroot and goats cheese with a side of mixed salad £13 (gf)


Mushroom bake – a creamy mustard and blue cheese sauce with new potatoes and a fresh salad £12


Mixed bean casserole – with baby spinach and roasted cherry tomatoes with steamed new potatoes and a freshly dressed salad £12 (v)(gf)




Whats for pud?!


Please ask about our delightful selection of desserts




Download our menu:




The Bee Inn - Summer Evening Menu.pdf
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